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I'm going to make a serious attempt at posting a regular blog. Wish me luck.

Being a big cigar smoker and a recent appreciator of slowing things down to gain clarity, I thought given the popularity of pairing cigars with whiskey, I'd take a deeper look into this concept of making cigar smoking an even more pleasurable & meditative experience. And so it begins...

About a year ago I started an Instagram page chronicling one of my favorite pastime vices - cigars. To some people smoking cigars represents a bad habit, stinkiness and filth. They're messy, they have a powerful odor that sticks to just about anything and they can be expensive. For people like myself smoking cigars really is something much deeper than a tobacco wrapper, binder & filler.

I recently had a repeat customer contact me about a group type shoot involving some bikes, girls & maybe a little graphic work for some promotional material for his band. I was more than willing to take on the task as this was pretty much right up alley. After some model scouting and finding the right venue, the client Jeff scored on a sweet location - a local Harley Davidson. The HD shop owner was completely gracious & simply a dynamite guy who gave us full run of the place after hours.

I got commissioned for another intimate shoot by a return client the other day and she mentioned wanting a different vibe this time around. So having remembered a conversation about alternate shoot locations from a past MUA that I was working with, I decided to follow up on that lead. A local photog's warehouse loft studio in an art studio complex some 34 minutes away.

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