Ramblings of Indetermination

I'm going to make a serious attempt at posting a regular blog. Wish me luck.



Being a big cigar smoker and a recent appreciator of slowing things down to gain clarity, I thought given the popularity of pairing cigars with whiskey, I'd take a deeper look into this concept of making cigar smoking an even more pleasurable & meditative experience. And so it begins...

About a year ago I started an Instagram page chronicling one of my favorite pastime vices - cigars. To some people smoking cigars represents a bad habit, stinkiness and filth. They're messy, they have a powerful odor that sticks to just about anything and they can be expensive. For people like myself smoking cigars really is something much deeper than a tobacco wrapper, binder & filler.

The other day I got approached to do some boudoir type work. Typical for this type of work I use a rental space that has a fabulously grungy yet intimate appeal with many different textures and lighting scenes.
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