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About Riffster

My name is Gabe Fedor, owner of Riffster Productions. I've always had a natural desire to create things. A certain inborn drive to make something from nothing. Ever since grade school drawing space ships and abstract sketches to my teen years when I first picked up a guitar and felt that first rush of creative sonic vibrations humming through my bones. Then later wanting to layer those sounds with my first audio multitracker and recording all the parts and actually making my own music. Making something from nothing. I imagine that knowing this it would make sense that I would then later have a long standing career as an Architectural Draftsman.


I eventually progressed to video and photography. In my mind, I always felt that there was little difference between visual art and audio both conceptually and technically. So it was a very natural gravitation for me to get into video and photography. I suppose my years of drafting skills have helped pave the discipline and mindset for layering concepts & components.


So around 2000, I started reaching out to the local band scene and found out that indeed I could provide a service that folks liked. Providing multiple services like audio recording, video and photography, I found that I could be a type of one stop shop for many different promotional needs. A single place where all these media things can conveniently get done. Branching out more, I started diversifying my photography work including portraits, headshots, boudoir, senior, weddings, family, groups, fitness, product...pretty much anything that requires a good eye and excellent editing skills. While keeping up with all the very fast moving technologies in audio and photography, I included drone aerial video & photography services to my long list of equipment, services and skillset. Riffster Productions represents a creative outlet for me while also providing a local service & as positioned as such, there is a certain amount of savings I can pass down to customers. All of my services are conducted through my residential business with a very comfortable vibe and low key atmosphere that is laser focused on your media needs.


I enjoy what I do and I hope that it shows in the things that I capture and create. While carrying a 'photographer' name would probably get me more traffic, it's too narrow of description. I really do quite a bit more than that and that's why I've chosen the more accurate name of 'productions', Riffster Productions. So drop me a line, I'd love to help you out.


 - Gabe

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