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Primary Arms SLx-1X MicroPrism

Pretty stoked about this. The Primary Arms SLx 1X MicroPrism with Red Illuminated ACSS Cyclops Gen 2 Reticle. Not a red dot. Essentially a 1x scope with an etched reticle that can be illuminated.

I'm actually considering not running irons at all since it seems so bullet proof and in the unlikely event the batteries run out, I'd still have the etched glass reticle to keep me in the game. Imagine a mini-ACOG, without the size & pricetag. No worries here that the chevron might not being bright enough for daylight usage, it is plenty bright & automatically comes on with some movement. It's a beautiful thing and the ACSS Cyclops Gen II reticle offers so much more than just a dot. Optically very clear with little to no anomalies at 1x. Astigmatism woes? no worries with this unit. With 8 different included riser options there is just no way you can't get the height that you need too. This inclusion takes all the tedium out of trying to figure out your required heights for sight and accessory clearances.


"The brilliance of this microprism honestly makes me question ever buying a red dot again."


Insane eyebox and relief, it's actually unbelievable....practically the same as a red dot. You can place this bad boy anywhere on the rail with no problems at all. A nice ranging BDC reticle for up to 400 yards which is super handy. I abandoned going the LVPO route as I feel that at this point, I just don't need it enough that a 3x kicker can't handle. Maybe sometime down the road I'll pick up a 1-6x for a different application. I'll likely just stick another 3x multiplier in front of it, which is apparently perfectly fine with this new prism scope. The thing just has a stupid solid build and definitely instills confidence.


One of the biggest selling points for me on this prism scope is that it has an etched-in reticle in a 1x format and the super incredible eyebox and eye relief along with a rockin reticle are just icing on top. The brilliance of this microprism honestly makes me question ever buying a red dot again. Is this a red dot killer? It just might be.



Primary Arms SLx 1X MicroPrism

• ACSS Cyclops Gen II reticle

• 13 Illumination settings including Night Vision and true Daylight Bright

• 3 Night Vision Settings: Low, Med & Flood

• AutoLive motion-sensing on/off battery saving technology

• 29,000 Hour battery life at medium setting

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