Going Drone

So after a few years of closely watching the booming technology of aerial drones develop and refine, I figured finally that the tech was right around to where I think I should take the dive into a purchase. Looking closely at a few drones by DJI and knowing that they were one of the top leaders in the field, I narrowed it down to two drones by them, the 249 gram Mavic Mini and the 570 gram Mavic Air 2.


Two key features bumped me to the decision to purchase the Mavic Air 2 – the self protection sensors which allow for a certain amount of built-in self awareness as to not so easily destroy itself and the 4K 60fps video frame rate that the Mini does not have. Note, the FAA requires an operator with a UAV over 249 grams to be certified.


"The sky is now the literal limit."


The 60fps will allow for more flexibility in post while the self awareness feature will help me not fly into a building and flush 1,000 dollars. I went with the Fly More Pack which includes 2 more batteries and a few more goodies that was definitely worth the uptick in cost. Each battery will get you around an impressive 24 minutes of drone-on time. The added ND filters with the pack was also a very nice addition. I bought this unit from B&H Photo but Adorama is very competitive as well providing some bonus goods.


In the next coming weeks & months I hope to have created a couple of promo reels highlighting the UAV's fantastic bird's eye perspective. I’m super excited to let my creative juices flow with this thing, develop some crashless piloting skills and to greatly expand and enhance the services that I can provide to customers. Hopefully I won't regret not getting DJI's crash insurance policy! The sky is now the literal limit. Up, up and away!


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