So a few months ago my friend Chris Emig of the killer Cleveland metal band Olathia contacted me and said that she wanted to shoot a new music video for her original number The Forest Witch. Being such a cool chic and an absolute gem to work with, I was of course all in. The concept was some creepy witchery elements along with some non musical acting and a performance segment shot entirely in the deep woods.

Olathia BTS Shotgun

Recently had the excellent opportunity to work with the positively electric Chris Emig from the local NE Cleveland Ohio metal band Olathia for a music video. These guys have an all-in, one speed setting…..on. It really is a pleasure to do work for such a high energy band. The song is an all-original number called Shotgun with all kinds of in-your-face kinetic metal energy going on.

So after having tried many bottles of bourbon and rye I decided it was time to actually visit where this magic juice comes from, Kentucky. The land of 95% of the world's bourbon. Since I'm from the Cleveland Ohio area the trip via car wouldn't be too much of a big deal despite the ridiculous and out of control gas prices. Our trip would be 403 miles and around 5.5 hours at a considerably brisk pace.

So the other day I got a late season request to do an autumn, outdoor witchy photo shoot with some smoke, levitation and a little saucy creepiness. I never done one quite like this before so I was all game. It was a bit of a trick getting the schedules and weather to cooperate but

I recently got commissioned for a car wash shoot of a driver's drag car and a girl in a bikini. An interesting shoot that presented a few challenges - how private of a location am I shooting at? Some lighting questions as to will I be in the shade or out in the sun?

So after around two years since my foray into the whiskey drinking experiment, I believe that I have a much better understanding of the magic elixir that is whiskey. My personal breakdown of approximately 32 bottles of various sizes over a period of 20 months. So rather than do a complete blow by blow analysis, I'll give some very basic specs and a grade ranging from D- to A++.

So after a few years of closely watching the booming technology of aerial drones develop and refine, I figured finally that the tech was right around to where I think I should take the dive into a purchase. Looking closely at a few drones by DJI and knowing that they were one of the top leaders in the field, I narrowed it down to two drones by them, the 249 gram Mavic Mini and the 570 gram Mavic Air 2.

Being a big cigar smoker and a recent appreciator of slowing things down to gain clarity, I thought given the popularity of pairing cigars with whiskey, I'd take a deeper look into this concept of making cigar smoking an even more pleasurable & meditative experience. And so it begins...

I got commissioned for another intimate shoot by a return client the other day and she mentioned wanting a different vibe this time around. So having remembered a conversation about alternate shoot locations from a past MUA that I was working with, I decided to follow up on that lead.

About a year ago I started an Instagram page chronicling one of my favorite pastime vices - cigars. To some people smoking cigars represents a bad habit, stinkiness and filth. They're messy, they have a powerful odor that sticks to just about anything and they can be expensive. For people like myself smoking cigars really is something much deeper than a tobacco wrapper, binder & filler.

I recently had a repeat customer contact me about a group type shoot involving some bikes, girls & maybe a little graphic work for some promotional material for his band. I was more than willing to take on the task as this was pretty much right up alley. 

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